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Corporate process of collecting
and managing cash.

It is key component of ensuring a company's financial stability and solvency.
Corporate treasurers or business managers are frequently for overall
cash management and the related responsibilities to remain solvent.

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Simple Cash is where you keep track of small daily expenses
incurred and have an accountable report at the close of the day.

Track Expenses Real-time. Reduce Business Expenses. Increased Efficiency. Greator Control

Types: Petty Cash Management, Expense Report Automation, Expense Management Card


What is Simple Cash?

Simple Cash is really Simple, Cash / Cheque Management Software that
makes day to day transaction really recorded.

Simple Cash was created to make life simple.

Who can use Simple Cash?

a. Proprietor

b. Any Organization in small and medium scale space


Compatible with any hardware

No Installation and so specific hardware required

simple cash is a web service which works on any device with a browser it also works with the simple cash mobile app, which makes recording transactions even more easy and simple

now record your business transaction on the move with your mobile or when you are at any place with a web browser


Streamline your expenses from Beginning to the End

Simple-Cash helps you record every transaction within the pettycash framework. So that even a single penny spent in the organization
can be recorded.

Simple Cash also helps you manage every cheque that comes to your company

With Simple Cash around your work becomes easy


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Have A proper Control on your all Expenses as they happen. With multiple Login System every expenditure could be easily tacked

Important Information

1. On All cheque's collected and managed have instantaneous information available.

2. Analysis Analytics on your fingertips. HAve All information realted to everyday or month or by person avilable at a click of bottom

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